Our international expertise

Réseau Cristal Services is a CRISTAL Group company created in 2002, covering all species.
With 280 veterinaries, laboratory and hygiene/diet experts, Réseau Cristal Services is a major player in animal production and agribusiness.

You need expertise in :

  • health and food safety
  • animal welfare
  • biosafety
  • farm performance

We offer bespoke solutions through :

  • world-class technical expertise
  • support «in the field»
  • theoretical and practical training

With Réseau Cristal Services, you will benefit from :

  • The Diversity of speakers’ profiles
  • Expertise from farm to food industry
  • Independant veterinary consultants

Customer benefit

Daily partner for the animal production sector, the French veterinary is recognized for his skilfulness and adaptability.

The CRISTAL vet is a technical and sanitary expert benefiting from field cases coming from a network of 25 vet practices located in France (RESEAU CRISTAL).

He also benefits from its affiliation to CRISTAL GROUP that gathers animal health laboratories,
hygiene and dietetics products, nutrition and alternative solutions.

You need a high skilled veterinary expert that can easily :

  • give you a different and independent light on your production system or livestock ,
  • resolve specific sanitary cases (diseases, mortality…),
  • support you in the setting up a new production system (new buildings, new configuration…),
  • help you through your distributors abroad,
  • train your staff in France and abroad,
  • brings you a global solution for a better performance of your businesses.

International veterinary consultants

Dominique Balloy, has been working internationally since 1994 (North Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe, etc.). It has multiple areas of expertise: breeding and production chain audits, helping to create an analysis laboratory, advice and training in biosecurity, conferences.

Interview with Dominique Balloy

Reseau Cristal Services offers


  • General training for all species (pathology / autopsies)
  • Technical training (Food safety, Biosecurity, Food hygiene and quality, Animal Welfare)
  • Laboratory training (Support in laboratory organisation, technical analyses : water, PCR, Salmonella, Agribusiness)


  • Audits from rearing systems to slaughterhouses
  • Bespoke consultancy in animal welfare and food
  • Product controls (discharge analysis and pathogen
  • Technical support

Operational and marketing support

  • Market research / Field studies
  • Conferences / Focus Groups
  • Technical Hotline


  • R&D trials (AMM)
  • Clinical trials
  • Field trials


We will find the best veterinary expert for answering to your questions

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